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"Professionalism & Quality" 

Marks Vision Productions is the place to go for all your video production needs. I was able to tell Deandrae my vision and it came to life. Deandrae's professionalism and quality of work were so outstanding! I was grateful to work with MVP and will be using them in all of my future projects! 

-B. Dobbins

"Exceeded my Expectations"

I have a childcare business and MVP has created multiple commercials that I use to show new potential clients exactly what I offer. The convenience of being  able to show clients a professional video that accurately captures the core of what my my childcare is about is priceless. The final project exceeded my expectations and will continue to use MVP.

-Soaring Heights Daycare


I used Marks Vision Productions to transfer video tapes onto a flash drive as a gift to my dad for his birthday. The video tapes are more like precious family heirlooms that I didn’t not want to trust to just anybody. For that reason alone I have been waiting almost 20 years to get this service done. Deandrae made me feel totally comfortable entrusting him with my precious childhood videos. He went out of his way to get everything done quickly and without any issues. He added so many personal touches that just made the video so touching. I was very happy with the end result and the look on my dads face was priceless. If it wasn’t for Deandre, my tapes would still be in a box in storage instead of being the memories my dad and family now get to watch together as a family. 

-Z. Hailemaskel

"Beyond Amazing and Beautiful"

 "Greetings All. In January of 2020 my dad's brother Reginald passed away. I reached out to Deandrae to put together a slideshow of photographs for the home going services. What he produced for my family was beyond amazing and beautiful. 
My uncle Reginald was in the entertainment industry (which Deandrae knew nothing about). He asked for his name and took the time to Google him, finding numerous videos of my uncle Reginald hosting shows and interviews. The compilation that Deandrae put together for the home going services had us all in tears. Not only did we get to see my uncle Reginald with life still in him, but we also got to see him doing what he loved to do most. The music, the photographs, and the interviews came together so beautifully. Deandrae is truly talented in what he does. I would definitely recommend him to any and everyone I know."

-M. Washington 

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